Inspired Illustrations necklace HAND - EYE
Inspired Illustrations necklace HAND - EYE
Inspired Illustrations necklace HAND - EYE

Inspired Illustrations necklace HAND - EYE

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This necklace comes on 18-20” necklace 

The piece is carved entirely by wax and is a one of a kind.

Solid sterling silver

1.25” H with bail (the heart itself is 1” H) and .5” W

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I like to doodle on paper.  I have little sketches all over the place.  I do this so often, I forget what I draw.  Sean is constantly bringing me these torn little pieces of paper with tiny illustrations on them and asking me “What do I do with this babe?”  (I leave them all over the house)  When I see these little random surprise doodles, they feel like little love letters to myself.  I smile, try to recall what inspired me to draw it and tuck it away in my drawer of important stuff I never look in…and nothing ever comes of it.


So, Sean made me these hearts out of wax and left them all over the table tops in the studio.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been randomly drawing and carving on them.  No theme, no rhyme or reason…just because I wanted to draw it and I did.  Each piece has its own little story and source of inspiration.  


This collection is very different than any others that I have done.  This time, instead of me carving an original master and Sean making a mold, we only made ONE of each.  This time, I worked on each original heart immediately after I had been inspired by something or someone.


 Each pendant was painstakingly carved by hand one at a time and cast, no mold was made.  Each one of these pendants is a one of a kind original, there will never be another one exactly  like it.   We will not be taking orders, these will be originals only and sold in collections when I am inspired to make them.


Sean took these 12 carved hearts and cast them all.  Every one of them came out perfect.

He said “now people can wear your drawings instead of them sitting in a drawer.”  #itsthelittlethings #mykindofromantic